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Suggestions for cleaning eyewash stations (gravity fed) and eyewash showers

Originally, we posed the following question across several social media channels to get ideas (Facebook, various Linked In professional groups, Twitter), “Any good suggestions on how to clean eyewash stations (gravity fed) and eye wash showers organically?”  We have collected a few responses so far so we’re passing them along as we receive them.  Information presented is not to be used in place of the need to consult with a certified safety professional or review any applicable OSHA regulations.

Fendall Eyewash Cleaning Kit

Fendall Eyewash Cleaning Kit

One solution we know of involves using white vinegar, distilled water, very fine steel wool (for cleaning around floors, tiles, not recommended for the insides of eyewash units) and or a long twisted (36″) wire nylon bristle brush.  The white vinegar and distilled water is to remove calcium and hard water deposits from around the nozzles on your portable, gravity-fed, mounted, plumbed eyewash stations and shower units.  You can also use a mild biodegradable soap to clean unit(s) but the caution here is that there should be no film or soap residue left on or in eye wash equipment. You should run a test on proper water flow after you clean your portable eyewash unit (usually gravity fed), drench shower or plumbed eyewash unit.

Here’s an ehow.com link, http://www.ehow.com/how_3163_remove-hard-water.html

There are also commercial eyewash cleaning kits such as the Fendall Eyewash Cleaning Kit offered as well, retailing around $35-40.  We prefer to go the cheaper route.  You can pick up a good nylon bristle brush at a local hardware or home improvement center.

Purdue University has some handy tips for testing and maintaining eyewash stations and eyewash safety shower equipment.  See link:  http://www.purdue.edu/rem/safety/shower.htm

(Excerpt) To maintain your eyewash, there are just a few simple tasks:

Flush your eyewash weekly.

  • Locate floor drain and adjust accordingly. For example, we recommend using a plastic garbage bag to catch the water if your drain pipe does not extend to the floor drain or connect directly to an outgoing pipe.
  • Protect nearby objects from possible over spraying water. This could include electrical objects or
    personal items that you do not wish to become wet.
  • Wrapping an old rag around the two shields will help to prevent water from leaking onto the floor.
    Gently and slowly push back the lever to begin water flow.

When the water proves to be clear, you are finished.

All Safety Products, Inc. provides a full range of eyewash station products to include portable gravity fed eyewash stations, mounted eyewash stations, plumbed eyewash stations,emergency drench showers, and other eyewash equipment.  If you need an eyewash cleaning kit, we can order you one as well.  We do try to save our customers money whenever possible.  Please visit http://www.allsafetyproducts.com/portable-plumbed-bottle-eyewash-stations.html .

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  1. My work cleans the eye wash station with simple green is this ok?

    Posted by Angela sellers | June 8, 2017, 7:58 pm

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