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November 2015, Safety and Savings Tips Newsletters

Reducing Employees’ Exposure to Seasonal Flu Virus

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Workplace Safety and the Flu
This page (OSHA website link,  https://www.osha.gov/dts/guidance/flu/index.html ) includes information for workers and employers about reducing the spread of seasonal flu in workplaces. It provides information on the basic precautions to be used in all workplaces and the additional precautions that should be used in healthcare settings. Healthcare workers in contact with flu exposed patients are at higher risk for exposure to the flu virus and additional precautions are needed.


Safest places to sit on the train!

If you’re wondering where the best and safest seats on a train would be, the Federal Railroad Administration has some answers for you. They say the safest seats are in one or two cars back from the middle.

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All Winter Gear on Sale*.
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Healthy Tips

Have protein with every meal: It’s easy.

You don’t need a wizard’s magic wand to have meals that keep your muscles strong, fight off infection and boost your metabolism. Protein does it all. Meat and poultry are full of protein, but some cuts are loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol. Americans should try to get 45 to 55 grams of protein a day. *Seafood: Substitute it for meat twice a week. It’s convenient to keep canned fish and frozen filets on hand. Serve salmon or shrimp for special occasions. * Eggs: They have all the protein components you need.


Delicious Recipe

A day-after-Thanksgiving dish: Turkey Tetrazzini

We think “Italian” when a recipe contains any form of pasta.

This is only partially true for a “Tetrazzini” preparation using poultry. Tetrazzini is an Italian surname. Turkey Tetrazzini contains spaghetti. It was named in honor of an Italian opera star who ate spaghetti every day, but it was created in San Francisco by its Palace Hotel chef. Thus, it’s American history with Italian influences.



About All Safety Products
We are all about trying to save you money when we are able to.  It is our shipping policy to only charge you the actual shipping costs.  Sometimes there is a shipping error on our website.  We do review all orders for accuracy and pleasantly surprise our customers when we notify them of an adjustment in their favor. We make money on products, not shipping!


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