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Whenever you need to move a heavy load with a handtruck, be sure to:

•  Wear heavy-duty work gloves with a good grip.  ANSI-approved steel-toed shoes are also recommended.

•  Place the heaviest objects on the bottom.

•  To avoid back strain, use proper lifting techniques in loading and unloading.

•  Store the load well forward, with weight borne on the axle.

•  Make sure you can see over the load. When the load passes chin level, the chance of an accident increases dramatically.

•  Push, don’t pull.

•  Think about the route in advance; plan for doorways, blind corners, etc.

•  Watch out for pedestrians and vehicles, objects on the floor, obstruction in the way, and the edges of platforms or docks.

•  Park the handtruck out of the way.  Don’t leave it in an aisle or blocking an emergency exit.

All Safety Products, Inc., offers a wide variety of material handling gloves to include mechanics style gloves, impact protection gloves, material lifting gloves and many others.

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President of All Safety Products, Inc. We are a reseller of industrial safety products and specialize in product knowledge for PPE (personal protective equipment) used in the following industries: (1) Agricultural; (2) Military; (3) Federal Government; (4) Construction; (5) Manufacturing; (6) Education; (7) Food; and many others... Please be sure to visit our website, http://www.allsafetyproducts.com .


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