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Is It Time To Replace Your First Aid Kits? Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, Humor is Good For the Soul!   Just a Quick Reminder about Osha injury and illness summaries due now through April Employers must post injury and illness summaries now through April OSHA reminds employers of their obligation to post a copy of OSHA’s … Continue reading »

Crowd Management Safety Tips for Retailers During Special Events

Some Helpful Tips to Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, Humor is Good For the Soul!    Crowd Management Safety for Retailers Crowd related injuries can occur during special sales and promotional events. This is just a highlight of a helpful article from Osha website to provide tips and some recommended … Continue reading »

Reducing Employees’ Exposure to Seasonal Flu Virus

Workplace Safety and The Flu Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, Humor is Good For the Soul!   Reducing Workers’ Exposures to Seasonal Flu Virus Workplace Safety and the Flu This page (OSHA website link,  https://www.osha.gov/dts/guidance/flu/index.html ) includes information for workers and employers about reducing the spread of seasonal flu in workplaces. It provides information on the … Continue reading »

Transitioning to Safer Chemicals – A Free Toolkit

Have your company and employees use safer chemicals Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, Humor is Good For the Soul!   Transitioning to Safer Chemicals: A Free Toolkit for Employers and Workers Below is a summary article and link for a OSHA provided toolkit (see bottom of article) used to help companies in transitioning to safer chemicals. … Continue reading »

OSHA recently proposed Beryllium Rulemaking

Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost upon us who are parents.  My son is working on getting his driver’s training completed before school starts.  It’s kind of scary that another teenage driver will be on the road, isn’t it? We hope your family and friends keep safe!  … Continue reading »

OSHA Recent Changes for Youth Safety (New Fun Format for Newsletter!)

Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, At All Safety Products, after reviewing our newsletter, we decided it was a little drab and decided in future issues that we will be including some fun humor, something newsworthy from OSHA, some safety tips for workers’ safety in the office as well as outside the office so they are kept … Continue reading »

OSHA is focusing on Young Workers Safety This Month!

Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, All Safety Products, Inc. is focusing on Young Workers’ Safety This Month Hazards: Young workers get injured or sick on the job for many reasons, including: Unsafe equipment Inadequate safety training Inadequate supervision Dangerous work that is illegal or inappropriate for youth under 18 Pressure to work faster Stressful conditions Workplace … Continue reading »

OSHA Is Providing a Free Heat Illness App Tool for Android and Iphones

Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, Free Heat Stress App OSHA seeks to prevent heat illness with their revised Heat Safety Tool app. Keep your employees safe from Heat illness with a free handy tool from OSHA.  Here’s the link for the app which is setup for the Android and Iphone,  OSHA heat app page. As summer … Continue reading »

OSHA just released a new rule for Confined Space

Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, OSHA just released a new rule (29 CFR 1926, Subpart AA, May 2015) for Confined Space (Follow OSHA Link Here, Final May 4th, 2015) “This rule will save lives of construction workers. Unlike most general industry worksites, construction sites are continually evolving, with the number and characteristics of confined spaces changing … Continue reading »

April is National Workplace Violence Prevention Month!

Dear Safety Newsletter Reader, April is National Workplace Violence Prevention Month.  It may be time to review your Workplace safety procedures in regards to violence-related injuries.  In 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 23,000 significant injuries due to assaults in the workplace. Over 70 percent were in the healthcare and social service settings. … Continue reading »

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