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People losing their hearing often don’t realize it

Age is one of the major causes of hearing loss. Our hearing ability is decreased in our 30s or 40s and loss is significant by age 80. Despite this, more than half of all hearing-impaired people are of working age. Often hearing loss comes so gradually that people ignore it or deny it. Only after … Continue reading »

Some Christmas Safety Tips

There are several Christmas safety tips you should consider this Christmas. Authorities on safety tell you not to overload circuits at Christmas time, but they don’t tell you how. The solution to overloading is the powerstrip. Born of computer users’ need for many electrical connections, the powerstrip can have six or more outlets. There’s no … Continue reading »

Let’s Test Your Emergency Preparedness Knowledge

  The source for checking your answer can be found at the CDC website http://emergency.cdc.gov/preparedness/kit/disasters/ .  Let’s have a good emergency preparedness plan with adequate supplies for unanticipated disasters.  Hopefully, your first aid kits are up to date, All Safety Products .

Raw Materials Prices Are Affecting Price Increases for Gloves, Clothing, Other Safety Products

At All Safety Products, we’re getting the below notices from our suppliers almost on a weekly basis. “Dear Valued Industrial Distributor: We’re finding it necessary to announce a price increase …Cotton is now up 170% since a year ago and more than 40% since the beginning of 2011.  Cotton prices have surged beyond $2 a … Continue reading »

Inspecting and Maintaining Safety Harnesses,Lanyards,

Source: OSHA website http://www.osha.gov/Region7/fallprotection/fall_protection_info.html  Inspection and Maintenance To maintain their service life and high performance, all belts and harnesses should be inspected frequently. Visual inspection before each use should become routine, and also a routine inspection by a competent person. If any of the conditions listed below are found the equipment should be replaced before … Continue reading »

Check out the expiration dates on your first aid items!

Many times, a first aid kit will contain expired first aid items that may not be used and replenished on a regular basis.  This may include burn creams, eye wash bottles, medicinals, and many other first aid kit items.  Check out our first aid kits and refill items.  You may be able to purchase just … Continue reading »

Lower Mil (4 mil) Glove May Save Significant Glove Costs!

Of course, the first question to ask is what mil thickness does our company need in a nitrile or latex grade glove? Lower Mil (4 mil) Glove May Save Significant Glove Costs! In today’s economic climate, customers want to know the best gloves to purchase at the cheapest price. I’ll let you in on a little … Continue reading »

Avoiding Large Fines With Your Spill Control

Develop a Contingency Plan – OSHA requires facilities to keep enough spill control products on hand to contain and clean the largest spill possible. Identify the Spill – Chemical and Wastewater Classifiers aid in identifying unknown spills. Contain the Spill – Use Socks or Spill Berms to contain spills on solid surfaces; use Booms or … Continue reading »

Be sure to check your eyewash inspection tag

Be sure to check your eyewash inspection tags. When OSHA does happen to inspect your company, they will be looking for a regular inspection record. Basic information you need to keep on record is date, who inspected by, comments. Advisable to keep inspection tag on equipment so OSHA will see that you are maintaining safety … Continue reading »

Make Sure Your Eyewash Station isn’t an Interim Solution!

Oftentimes, people will purchase a eyewash bottle station (often in 16 oz or 32 oz bottles, single or dual bottles) in lieu of purchasing a large capacity eyewash station (16 gallon gravity fed eyewash station).  These smaller bottle eyewash stations, although less costly and easier to set up and requiring less space, may only be … Continue reading »

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