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Care and Maintenance For A Plumbed Eyewash Station

Since All Safety Products, Inc. sells a lot of eyewash stations, we often see a high amount of attention being placed on the inspection and maintenance of portable, gravity-fed type eyewash stations, but often to the neglect of the necessary regular cleaning and maintenance of plumbed eyewash stations. ISSUE IDENTIFIED:  In particular, according to an … Continue reading »

Suggestions for cleaning eyewash stations (gravity fed) and eyewash showers

Originally, we posed the following question across several social media channels to get ideas (Facebook, various Linked In professional groups, Twitter), “Any good suggestions on how to clean eyewash stations (gravity fed) and eye wash showers organically?”  We have collected a few responses so far so we’re passing them along as we receive them.  Information … Continue reading »

Not having an emergency eye wash station

Not having an emergency eye wash station available for the protection of your employees’ eyes is one of the most issued OSHA citations. According to the OSHA standards, specifically §1910.151(c), eyewash stations need to be located no more than 10 seconds within the work area, and where a strong acid or caustic is used, the … Continue reading »

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