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Safety Harness – Wear it or Die!

Safety Harness – Wear It Or Die! Accidental falls account for eight percent of all workplace deaths and one-third of all construction industry fatalities – despite the fact that safety harnesses are an integral part of any workplace fall prevention plan. Ensure that your company has an up-to-date fall prevention plan, particularly in environments where … Continue reading »

Inspecting and Maintaining Safety Harnesses,Lanyards,

Source: OSHA website http://www.osha.gov/Region7/fallprotection/fall_protection_info.html ¬†Inspection and Maintenance To maintain their service life and high performance, all belts and harnesses should be inspected frequently. Visual inspection before each use should become routine, and also a routine inspection by a competent person. If any of the conditions listed below are found the equipment should be replaced before … Continue reading »

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