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What are the Benefits of Made in the U.S.A. Safety Products?

After posting the question Is Made In America important anymore? to several Linked In Groups, we now would like to encourage discussion about the benefits (and perceived benefits) for Made In U.S.A. products.  We do want to first address some misconceptions about what a Made In U.S.A. product actually means and list some clear definitions … Continue reading »

Discussion (Linked In Groups) Results – Is Made In America important anymore?

The Results are In!  Thank you for participating in the discussion Is Made in America important anymore? Click on article link to read all comments on our safety discussion blog.  We sent this out to several discussion groups we take part in.  Here are their comments. (1)  Made in America is very important. Why shouldn’t … Continue reading »

Is Made In America important anymore?

Is Made in America or Made in U.S.A important anymore?  We would love to hear your comments on this.  Perhaps a follow-up question to this is: Should We Buy American?  We will compile comments gathered and post these as another post so people can see results.  We will only use initials and will take out … Continue reading »

Weathering the Storm – How to keep safe in a lightning storm

Summer thunderstorms are frequently accompanied by lightning, which can be a killer. Whether indoors or out, telephone use should be avoided except in emergencies. Some experts also recommend unplugging computers and television sets. The dangers are greatest out-of-doors, however. Here are some steps you can take to minimize the hazard when caught outdoors in a … Continue reading »

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